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Although the baseball caps started as a sports accessory, they quickly conquered the whole world. Today, we can see them everywhere. But do we know there are different types ? 

When we are walking and looking at the headwear of others, we will see one type that is most widely used. It is neither hat nor newsboy cap. It is something little different, something what has become popular over the last years thanks to the elegant look. Most of us will know, that we are talking about baseball caps. Baseball caps are one of the most widely used headwear nowadays. Their origin is with American baseball players. The players needed hat which would provided sun visor on the baseball field. And this is how the baseball cap started its life. It consists of crown and a visor, which made it so unique and popular. Is there only one type ? Not at all. 

For summer, winter or to the party 

As with other types of clothing, also the baseball cap has different varieties and modifications. The first one that conquered the world is a classic baseball cap. Another type is a trucker hat and as the name suggests, we can see it by the truck drivers. It has taller foam front and mesh for breathability, which makes it ideal for hot weather. The youngest model is probably so-called SnapBack cap which became popular in the 1990´s thanks to the hip-hop family. This model has larger crown and straight visor. 

Baseball cap - your good friend 

There are more reasons why baseball caps conquered the world. Material used are different. Most often, we will see 100% cotton. Such fabric is highly appropriate. It is naturally breathable and can be soaked in the water which makes it even more suitable for wearing it during hot summer days. Sometimes polyester is added which is even better when it comes to contact with water. The other important part of a baseball cap is a visor (sometimes called brim or bill). Their length is different. The better protection we want the longer visor we get. Thanks to the material, the visor can be shaped according to our needs. The crown features eyelets for passing air and a space for placing a logo for example. 

The beauty is in the difference

The baseball caps does not differ much. If we stick to the familiy of classic baseball caps, trucker hats or snapback caps, we will always see similar cuts and dimensions. The subjective selection must be therefore determined by their design. The front as well as back part usually features velcro fields for placing of different logos and patches and such features can affect our aesthetic perception according to which we then make a selection.

This or that ?

We now may think, that we haven´t talked about sizes. The baseball caps are either "one size fits most" which features adjustable closure at the back. The other types are either elastic hats or they are made in different sizes. It is always important to realize whether we want it for specific purpose or just as a fashion accessory. There is big difference between these two. 

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