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We do not only know head protection against mechanical damage, but for example also against the sun. And for these occasions the hats serve great. Do we know the types of hats and which ones are the best for our situation ? 

As we all know, the sun does not only represent pleasant companion on summer days, but also dangerous risk that affects especially our eyes. We can protect our eyes by using sunglasses with UV protection, but what about our head during those hot summer days ?  We can use some kind of bandana or for example hat. Hat is practically a headgear that protects head and prevents it from external influences. The first hats appeared in ancient Mesopotamia. Over the centuries of development and modifications they also got on the heads of armies along with Napoleon and other warlords from the 17th and 18th century. Those times the hats had different shapes. What do we actually know about hats ? Let´s reveal some more than just basic facts.  

There is no hat like a hat 

When we say hat, everybody can imagine something different. Some may think of Old West and Stetson hat. These hats are made from genuine leather and have always served as an protection against sun. Some could think of the hats worn by their favorite comedians, just as so called bowler hats. As we can see, there are many different types of hats. Some are used for the purpose they are made for, while others are just expensive fashion accessory. We do not offer any of the above mentioned, however, we can offer highly effective and thoughtful accessories, that are popular even among members of military. 

Soldier and hat 

So what do soldiers have hats for? They don´t protect them from bullets, neither they are extra resistant. There is one simple reason – convenience. Imagine, you are in the desert or jungle and wearing a helmet. That is not ideal solution for the entire 24 hours and that is why we have hats. Military bonnie hats are made of totally different materials than already mentioned types. The main fabric used is cotton or polyester/cotton mix, which are standard fabrics used for military uniforms. The advantage is breathability and partial water resistance. And at the same time, such hats can be used even in tropical conditions. Just soak it in the water and put it on the head. This way the hat will cool you down and we will avoid unpleasant sunstroke. 

You can (not) see me 

In addition to sun protection, the bonnie/bush hats provide good camouflaging properties. Unlike the other hats, these hats are low-profile. The shape is formed by an exact circle, which provides the same protection from all sides. Edges that act as a shield for the eyes are quilted to keep the shape of a hat. Moreover, these hats also feature loops around crown to add camouflage. The hats themselves come in various camo patterns and these loops helps to increase their camouflaging properties. 

How do we choose ? 

It all depends on conditions. For masking in desert, we need desert hat. For forest we appreciate different camo pattern. The hat not only should be stylish and appropriate for the situation, but it should also fit well. There are different sizes, stated either in cm or in standard sizing – S, M, L, XL... Either way, we should always try it on first to be 100% satisfied. 

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