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MSA® Sordin Supreme Pro-X Electronic Earmuff – green, Camo band

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Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

MSA is one of the largest manufacturers of protective and safety equipment operating all around the world. Electronic hearing protection by MSA is used by the military and shooters practically everywhere, they are listed in the US Army approved equipment.

Sordin Supreme Pro-X represents a sophisticated communication solution using a noise reduction technology improving comfort and sound reproduction.

Protect from noise - enable speaking

These noise reducing electronic earmuffs are designed for the use in noisy environments lowering harmful noise and enabling hearing ambient sounds. They can be used in industrial zones, construction sites, railways and other places where we need to hear the nearby sounds. They are also great for shooting. The earmuffs protect from harmful noises and allow to hear the sounds of our environment. They enhance the ability to communicate with your team mates, hear warning signals, approaching vehicles or sounds of machines and processes. Shooting is actually a great example - when a shot is fired, the electronics does not switch off, but filters out the excessive noise instead; so if we talk to somebody shooting, we can still hear his voice and do not have the need to remove the headset. The sound amplifying function allows us to hear for example our dog, animals on the move or speech over a surprisingly long distance.

Operating power

The earmuffs feature an automatic switch-off - the headset turns off automatically after a longer period of idle time. The ear muffs are powered with 2 AAA batteries (included in supply). The earmuffs signals low battery (at remaning 40 hours of operation).

Benefits you need to know about:

  • electronic noise reducing earmuff
  • for noisy environments
  • protection from harmful noise
  • natural, realistic sound
  • enhance communication and safety - one can hear speech, machine sounds and warning signals
  • noise reduction depending on noise levels allowing to hear ambient sounds
  • built in reproduction of ambient sound protects hearing without isolation
  • slim shaped ear cups for both right and left handed shooting
  • 2 well shielded microphones for comfortable detection of sound direction
  • 3.5mm jack - stereo input for external devices (short connecting cable included in supply)
  • gel cushion around ears - higher comfort
  • leather headband covering
  • folding headband for easy storage
  • perfect fit ear cups
  • simple volume adjustment in gloves (2 buttons)
  • automatic switch-off function
  • low weight - 330 g (w/o batteries)
  • powered by 2x AAA (included in supply)
  • running time (one set of batteries): 600 h
  • attenuation SNR: 25 dB
  • attenuation H / M / L: 28 / 21 / 16 dB
  • standards
    • EN352-1
    • EN352-4
    • EN352-6
Important parameters
0,33 kg
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