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Vortex® Diamondback 12 x 50 Binoculars - green

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Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

The Diamondback binoculars acquisition costs defy price/performance ratio in the global optics market. An incredibly efficient and very powerful optical system with enhanced dielectric-coated lenses offers a sensational image and impressive performance in low lighting – perfect observation of for example hunted game or other targets.

The 12 x 50 Diamondback by the American Vortex is a small-sized binocular telescope of relatively low mass. It has sufficient magnification up to 12 times, a lens diameter of 50 mm and an excellent field of view of 90 m / 1,000 m. Once assembled, it can also fit in a small backpack or satchel. The Diamondback 12 x 50 bino is an ideal companion for hunters and hunters as well as for hiking, it does not add unnecessarily to the weight of equipment carried, but it does offer the possibility of quality observation even in cold or winter at freezing temperatures.

Modern technology makes great observations

Roof prisms from BaK4 glass and lenses with anti-reflective dielectric surface treatment and full multi-coat on outside glass parts whose surfaces are in contact with air, provide excellent image quality due to extremely high light transmissions. They provide optimal observation results. This state-of-the-art technology guarantees a perfectly clear image with high contrast, sharp contours and natural color resolution.

Settings and Focus for Everyone

The focus is controlled by a center wheel, so it's central, and at one point we focus both sides simultaneously. It's accurate enough to allow it to focus on nearby objects from as close as 2.13 m. On the right eyepiece there is a dioptric correction, through which we adapt the image exactly for our eyes. By allowing the bino to bend at the joint along the centre axis, the distance of the output lens, the eye spacing can be adjusted. The bino will thus adapt to all family members, whether children or adults, with eyes close together or far apart.

Steps to adjust focus

Specify an object for observation, about 20 yd (about 18.29 m) distant. Stand in one place at all times. First, use your hand to cover the right lens and follow the object with your left eye through the left tube. Turn the center wheel, until the focus is in your imagination. Subsequently, cover the left lens with your hand and look with your right eye into the right tube. Now rotate to adjust the wheel for correction of dioptres, until the focus is in your imagination. Remember or make a note of the setting of the diopter wheel, in case you need to reset it. From now on, you will use only the centre wheel.

It can withstand harsher conditions

It's waterproof and impact-resistant plus filled with Argon (Argon is much better at protecting the inner parts of the bino from unwanted dew than Nitrogen) and the sealed with "o" rings so that the bino does not fog up inside. Special treatment by Rubber Armor brings long life, absorbs shocks, and provides protection of the bino from mechanical damage, as well as other protection against the outside environment. The combination with a rough texture on the sides prevents the hands from slipping, giving the user a perfect, sure and firm grip in cold and hot conditions, in rain or snow, in intense sunshine, whether the bino is wet or frozen, so under all conditions and circumstances.

Hermetically sealed

Special sealing technology protects high-end optics from external influences. No dust, no dirt and no moisture can penetrate the binoculars and cause damage and/or defects in the supplied image.

Suit yourself - with or without glasses, in your hand or on a tripod

An eye rubber cup allows the use of binoculars with glasses. The bino can either be held in the hand during observation (for wearing binoculars suspended from the neck, the telescope is equipped on both sides with eyelets to secure the supplied strap) or place it on a tripod (for this purpose, the bino is fitted with a tripod adapter slot). It also offers an option to attach to a car window.

Protected and safely stored

And when we don't use the bino, we store it in the supplied case, in which it is securely stored and transported. The covers protect both the lenses and the output lenses. In the case we also find cleansing towel and carrier strap.

Care for lenses

When not using the bino, put the lens caps on and store it in the case. To maintain the bino's brilliant performance, lenses must be regularly kept clean, removing smudges, impurities, oils or fingerprints. First, always remove larger impurities (so as not to damage them when cleaning the lens) with a fine brush. Then use your breath to fog the lenses and clean them with a non-abrasive cloth. Never use tissues (either paper or cloth), cotton or flannel fabrics. They could cause scratches, which then spoil the view. Ideally, use a dedicated set, such as Fog Free by Vortex.

Warning: Do not use the binoculars to observe the sun or other sources of intense light. This bino is not designed for this and such surveillance can damage the retina or cornea and in extreme cases may lead to blindness!

Benefits you need to know about:

  • binoculars
  • always on hand
  • fairly light and compact
  • easy to control
  • single hand handling
  • modern technologies
  • waterproof - sealed with "o" rings
  • impact-resistant
  • treated against internal fogging - filled with Argon
  • roof prisms from glass BaK4
  • lenses with anti-reflective modification of FMC
  • prisms and lenses with dielectric adjustment
  • very clear high contrast image, with sharp contours and with natural colour resolution
  • adjustable multi-positional eye cup allows use with glasses
  • dioptric correction on the right
  • special treatment by Rubber Amor with texture to make sure of grip
  • short center - plenty of room to hold hands comfortably
  • carry strap
  • sealing technology protects high-end optics from external influences
  • neck cord
  • carry case
  • covers on both sides
Important parameters
Height / length
17 cm
14 cm
12 x
814 g
Material in detail
Prisms: glass BaK4
Grip: rubber
Eye cup: rubber
Other specifications
Lens diameter: 50 mm
Exit pupil diameter: 4.1 mm
Eye relief: 60 mm to 75 mm
Field of view at 1,000 yd (approx. 914.4 m) - linear: 82.6 m
Field of view at 1000 m - linear: 90.34 m
Field of View at 1,000 yd (approx. 914.4 m) - Angular: 5.2o
Shortest subject focus distance: 2.13 m
Compatible with glasses: yes
Waterproofness: yes, sealed with “o“ rings
Impact resistance: yes, Rubber Armor
Anti-fog technology: yes, filled with argon
Fixation: neck cord, tripod, car window
Prismatic system: roof prisms
Prisms finish: dielectric
Lenses coating: anti-reflective FMC + dielectric
Parts of delivery
Carry strap
Lens covers
Exit pupil covers
Transport case
Cleaning cloth
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