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V1 case for NexTorch® flashlights

The sale of the product has been discontinued
Warranty length: 2 years
Description and parametersRelated articlesProduct inquiry
Description and parameters

How to protect the flashlight from damage or dirt while preventing its loss? Just reach for a good case, such as the V1 nylon case from the manufacturer NexTorch. It is designed to store a full range of NexTorch lamps, but can also be used to store other models that are size compatible with the case. The case fastening is then dealt with classic Velcro.

Where to put it

You can, for example, place the holder on the belt - for this purpose the product is equipped with a stud located on the back. If you're not very fond of wearing a belt holster, you can use a "D" ring at the back and wear a lantern on a neck cord, for example, or pin it to a carbine.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • durable flashlight case
  • Designed for myTorch 18650, myTorch 3AAA, myTorch RC 18650, myTorch RC 3AAA, myTorch XL, TA3, T6A, T6A LED SET, P8A, TA3 SET, T6L R5 SET and GT6A series
  • protection of the lamp against damage or dirt
  • Knob on the back allows attachment to the belt
  • thanks to the "D" ring, the case can also be worn on the neck
  • Velcro fastening
Important parameters
Height / length
18,8 cm
5 cm
4,3 cm
43,8 g
NexTorch® flashlight model P80 / P60 / TA5 / TA40 / T7
Material in detail
1000D Cordura®
Dimensions in detail
Belt width: up to 80 mm
Fixing / transport
Belt loop
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