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Tilak Military Gear® Spike light insulated jacket

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€ 203,5
Product code: SPIKE-KHAKI-L
Warranty length: 4 years
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Description and parameters

New generation hybrid jacket

Tilak Military Gear® Spike lightweight insulated jacket combines several types of modern materials that guarantee perfect functionality and maximum reliability in every situation. The design of the jacket involved members of the army, so it meets high military standards and is ready for use in extreme conditions and combat deployment.

Effectively takes away moisture

The "hybrid" jacket combines 3 quality materials that ensure excellent insulating properties and effective moisture taking away from the body. The combination of materials guarantees maximum comfort and great functionality. The top layer is made of Pertex Microlight material, which is windproof and ensures great evaporation of body moisture.

Perfect insulating properties

The layer is further combined with Polartec® Alpha®. It is a material that was created especially for the US military and excels in low weight, excellent insulating properties and the ability to effectively remove body moisture.

Guaranteed freedom of movement

The last material used is Polartec® Powerstretch®. Thanks to the use of this material, the jacket is elastic in 4 directions and will not restrict you in any physical activity. Like other materials, it can evaporate moisture and move it to other layers of clothing. You can wear the jacket all year round, either alone or in combination with other layers of clothing.

Practical design

The back of the jacket is elongated, so it prevents air from blowing on the back and prevents rolling up. Thanks to the materials used, the jacket is elastic, perfectly copies the body line and holds it firmly in place. The insulating properties are further enhanced by the elastic hem of the jacket, which adapts exactly to the shape of your body.

Heat loss protection

Of course, there are anatomically shaped sleeves with thumb holes, which protect the palms from heat loss. Fastening is done by a high-quality two-way YKK® zipper. If necessary, it is not a problem to unzip only the lower part of the jacket, so that you can comfortably get into your pockets or pouches on your belt. The insulating properties are further supported by the rolling hood, which precisely copies the shape of the head and prevents unwanted heat loss.

A lot of storage space

You don't have to worry about enough storage space for your equipment. Storage space is provided by two chest cross pockets and two side pockets in the lower part of the jacket. The contents are secured with waterproof zippers, so the contents of the pockets remain in the best possible condition even in bad weather. The inner part of the side pockets is made of Polartec® Alpha® material, so you can warm your hands at any time by simply inserting them into the pockets. Universal lightweight all-weather jacket!

Benefits you need to know about:

  • combination of 3 modern materials
  • anatomical cut
  • anatomical shape of the sleeves
  • thumb holes
  • great insulating properties
  • effectively removes body moisture
  • wind resistant materials
  • low weight
  • the jacket is elastic in 4 directions
  • all year use
  • elongated back
  • elastic hem
  • two-way YKK® zipper
  • rolling hood
  • 2 chest cross pockets
  • 2 side pockets
  • durable materials
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Buy Tilak Military Gear® Spike light insulated jacket at a special price € 203,5
Important parameters
Material in detail
Base materials: Polartec® Powerstretch® and Pertex Microlight®
Insulation: Polartec® Alpha® Direct
Other specifications
Two-way zipper
Do you like the product?
Buy Tilak Military Gear® Spike light insulated jacket at a special price € 203,5
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Do you like the product?
Buy Tilak Military Gear® Spike light insulated jacket at a special price € 203,5

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Do you like the product?
Buy Tilak Military Gear® Spike light insulated jacket at a special price € 203,5
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