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Stainless steel flask MFH® 225 ml

€ 10,3
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Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

Coffee, tea or something spicy? When you spend a week in the woods, eating dried meat and sleeping in the trench, often the only thing that will keep you sane is a sip of "booster".For these moments, an MFH flask® 225ml is your ace. If you pass the flask around afterwards, you'll suddenly become the most popular member of the team.

225ml for a better day

It's no secret that many men's dream is a stylish flask, preferably full at all times.The one by MFH® has a classic timeless design, it just can't refill itself.However, this balances out with quality processing and the use of non-toxic materials.Both the body and the cap are made of stainless steel. The cap is screw-on, plus it comes with a loss insurance(rigid hinge), which you'll appreciate when the entire contents of the bottle disappear inside you.The advantage is compact dimensions, which do not unnecessarily alert the people around you and allow for concealed wear.

When quality matters to you

When it comes to the worst, it's the equipment that can save you, possibly improve your quality of life on your adventures.A similar idea was started by the German company Max Fuchs, which has been active in the army and outdoor equipment market for nearly 40 years.Brand also include MFH®, which supplies the market with the best price/performance ratio.In particular, it is German precision and a sense of detail that has guaranteed the company's status and popularity as a user worldwide.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • made of medically-safe stainless steel
  • ideal dimensions for casual wear
  • timeless design
  • screwable cap with loss insurance
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Buy Stainless steel flask MFH® 225 ml at a special price € 10,3
Important parameters
0,14 kg
Stainless steel
Dimensions in detail
approx. 9.5 x 13 x 2.5 cm (w x h x d)
Other specifications
Classic curved flask shape
Screw cap with safety lock
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Do you like the product?
Buy Stainless steel flask MFH® 225 ml at a special price € 10,3

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Do you like the product?
Buy Stainless steel flask MFH® 225 ml at a special price € 10,3
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