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Polish company Riflecx is a result of merger of two companies, contractors for US Army and big international companies. The company offers primarily tactical equipment and complete gun care system. 

Polish company Riflecx is a result of merger of two companies with great experience. The first one is a long-term contractor for US Army, Polish Army and NATO, the second company cooperates with large international clients.

Long-term contractor for armies 

The long-term contractor for various armed forces is company GCS (Commsblack), which has performed several hundred contracts in the past, learning the needs and specifics of working with the armies. The company gathers professionals with passion for firearms and the company itself was created by veterans and shooting enthusiasts.  

In addition to cooperation with special units or police, the company also cooperates with civilian market - for example with hunters or sport shooters. The company participates as a sponsor in shooting competitions, supports players and rewards the best as well as support initiatives promoting shooting and helping veterans and pro-defence associations. 

Lubricants from a leading manufacturer 

The second company is CX80, a leading manufacturer of chemicals on the Polish market. The company credo is innovation and high-quality products, which also helped them to win many industry awards. CX80 Polska is a leading manufacturer of multi-purpose formulations and specialty lubricants, that has been present on the market since 1991.

CX80 international clients are companies such as

  • DuPont (Teflon)
  • Mercedes Benz Serwis
  • Toyota Manufacturing
  • Procter & Gamble

Complete gun care system 

Both companies joint during realization of contracts within NATO. This led to the creation of a product line that meets the requirements and needs of the firearms user in terms of cleaning and maintenance of weapons.

Quality of the products is constantly increasing thanks to the R & D support and development and the company can introduce new products to the market. Moreover, all goods are produced in Poland. 

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