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D3O® P5 Insert elbow pad

€ 13,4
Product code: 25469
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

P5 elbow pads with innovative D30 technology are developed primarily for military and tactical purposes. Of course, their perfect functional properties will be appreciated not only by police officers and soldiers, but also by outdoor enthusiasts or fans of airsoft and paintball. The manufacturer sticks to the proven design and proven use of the P5 protectors.

The bigger the impact, the better the protection

D3O Lite technology ensures full comfort, shock energy absorption and durability. Common custom solutions with EVA foam cannot match this technology. D30 technology works by allowing the molecules of the material to be free in their normal state, but upon impact they bond and clump together to dampen and absorb the energy of the impact. The greater the intensity of the impact, the more the molecules of the material clump together. Protection therefore increases with impact intensity.

The P5 combines a feeling of comfort and functionality

The P5 elbow pads offer a great combination of comfort and performance. They are shaped to optimally adapt to each user. Thanks to their low profile and light weight, you'll easily forget you have them. The fact that they are temperature stable and have effective ventilation also contributes to user comfort.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • innovative D3O Lite technology
  • effective impact protection
  • a comfort feeling
  • high material resistance
  • patented technology
  • low weight
  • effective ventilation
  • low profile
  • temperature stability
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Buy D3O® P5 Insert elbow pad at a special price € 13,4
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Do you like the product?
Buy D3O® P5 Insert elbow pad at a special price € 13,4
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