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Mosquito net keep the annoying insect away. We are protected from bites and therefore also even possible diseases. There are many types of mosquito nets, which we should know about before we choose the right one. 

Bzz bzzzz bzzz sound around us. As much as we love the nature, the insect can be really annoying. Parasites, that suck on our blood, leaving annoying stings and bites that itch for several days. Is there an effective protection? Yes, there are various repellents for example. We all know, that not all of them work as they suppose to. We should therefore use mechanical protection too. And what that would be? Mosquito net. 

Enough is enough 

Mosquito net is an airy fabric, either translucent or transparent. We can simply place it where we need it and it mechanically protects us against insect, which can not get through this barrier. Its use is simple. They can be divided into the personal (head and body) nets and pop-up (beds and cots) nets. The personal ones may look a bit comical, but do the job perfectly. They go over the head or are attached to a hat and usually would reach up to the shoulders. The pop-up nets are hang over the bed or cot, which are then fully covered. It is probably the best possible protection against those unpleasant parasites. 

Personal or pop-up ?

It is quite obvious. For walking and normal functioning we choose the personal one, when we want to rest, we then opt for pop-up mosquito nets. We should be carefull about sizes and structure. For example, when we want to see through it, we choose the transparent net. All that can be found in this category, which is saying - "no more insect and itching". 

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