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Repellents for mosquitoes and other insects are essential for outdoor trips. Pesky insects can make the season really unpleasant for us, especially if we are going to spend it outdoors. It is the insect repellents that will help us to breathe freely even during the summer.

The mosquito repellents that we offer on our e-shop consist of evaporating active substances into the air, while staying at a certain defined distance from the repellent is unpleasant for a certain defined type of insect. Some manufacturers even use patented solutions that use natural extracts as active ingredients, which are commonly found in plants, for example, and which simply repel certain types of insects naturally.

Natural substances and safety certification

The mosquito and other insect repellents we offer contain natural substances and meet safety certifications according to international regulations, and if you follow the manual and safety principles of a specific product, there is only a minimal risk of harm to the user, their surroundings and the environment.

Various possibilities of use

Individual mosquito repellents can be used in different situations and scenarios. While some models are especially suitable for camping or outdoor use in general, others are specialized for the purposes of hunters, for example. For those, there are special fillings that can mask human odor. Of course, there are also variants for the house and garden, but we offer them rather marginally.

Environmental friendliness and zero maintenance required

The insect repellents that you can find in our assortment are characterized by their ecological concept and also by the fact that they require practically no maintenance. You just supply the appropriate refill and they work exactly as they should. One charge usually lasts for more than ten hours, which means a whole evening and a whole night in peace, even if you are going to sleep in the open and your fire, which repels mosquitoes naturally, burns out.

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