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Morakniv® Knife Kansbol Survival Kit

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Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

The Kansbol Survival Kit Morakniv knife is a reliable outdoor knife, which includes (as the name suggests) a survival kit - a flint, a diamond sharpener and a paracord cord.

Survival kit always at hand

No matter what adventure you go on, you will undoubtedly appreciate the Survival kit that is part of this knife, or rather its case. This includes flint, a diamond sharpener and a 475 mm long paracord with reflective elements.

For right-handed and left-handed

When using this knife, it doesn't matter whether you are right-handed or left-handed - the polymer case is symmetrical, so both right-handed and left-handed people will find it useful, the knife can be inserted in both directions.

Quality Swedish blade

The blade is made of recycled Swedish stainless steel, which is of high quality and stays sharp for a long time. At the same time, it provides strength and stability with every cut.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the knife fits like a glove

The Morakniv Kansbol Survival Kit knife is equipped with an ergonomic barrel-shaped handle made of polymer. Thanks to the rubber part with the pattern, you don't have to worry about slipping, and the toe protector will help protect your fingers. There is also a hanging loop in the back of the handle.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • reliable outdoor knife
  • it can be used in many challenging situations
  • the knife includes a survival kit - flint, diamond sharpener and reflective paracord
  • recycled Swedish stainless steel blade
  • the blade stays sharp for a long time
  • ergonomic handle
  • a polymer case is included in the package
  • removable belt loop
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Buy Morakniv® Knife Kansbol Survival Kit at a special price € 50,9
Important parameters
Blade length
10,9 cm
Handle length
14,1 cm
Total length
25 cm
177 g
Material of blade / tools
Steel Sandvick 12C27
Surface finish of blade / tools
Semi matte
Material of handle
Material of pouch
Blade type
Single bevel
Clip point
Dimensions in detail
Blade thickness: 2,5 mm
Other specifications
Edge: plain
Blade hardness: 57 HRC - 58 HRC
Double guard on handle
Safety cord hole
Sheath´s symmetry allows knife to be stored regardless of direction of edge - ideal for both righthanded and lefthanded users
Parts of delivery
Survival kit - magnesium fire starter, safety cord / paracord (47,5 cm) and diamond sharpener
Belt sheath
Removable plastic frame around sheath with leather belt loop
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Buy Morakniv® Knife Kansbol Survival Kit at a special price € 50,9
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Do you like the product?
Buy Morakniv® Knife Kansbol Survival Kit at a special price € 50,9

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Do you like the product?
Buy Morakniv® Knife Kansbol Survival Kit at a special price € 50,9

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