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REVIEW : Snugpak JUNGLE Sleeping Bag

3. srpna 2023Testing and reviewsTibor HrušeckýReading time 3 minutes

In this review we will introduce excellent sleeping bag from Snugpak. Specifically JUNGLE sleeping bag , suitable for hot and humid conditions (Temperature Rating Comfort is 7 ℃). It can be used as a quilt and features built-in roll away mosquito net. Let´s reveal more.


Snugpak is well known for delivering wide range of products for outdoor enthusiasts as well as for professional use. The company provides clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, hammocks, mats, tents and many more. 

In today´s review we will focus on summer sleeping bag JUNGLE, which is a great choice for hot and humid conditions (Temperature Rating Comfort is 7 ℃). In combination with other Snugpak products, just as Snugpak Cocoon, can be used as a three-season sleeping bag (temperature rating comfort is then 0 ℃), but that´s for another article.

Opened Snugpak Jungle Bag

Opened Snugpak JUNGLE Bag.

The main benefits of this sleeping bag are high-quality materials, full opening (can be used as a quilt) and two-way side zips. Another benefits include built-in roll away mosquito net and low weight along with pack size.

All that makes this sleeping bag perfect for travelling and for more than reasonable price (starts on 1 200 Czech crowns depending on variant). 


When choosing summer sleeping bag, following parameters were important : 

  • low weight 
  • small compressed pack size  
  • pleasant Temperature Rating Comfort 
  • reasonable price 

The fact that I already own one sleeping bag from Snugpak ("mummy shape" winter bag), made searching for summer sleaping bag easier. JUNGLE have met all the criteria and added bonus was already mentioned feature that it can be used as a quilt when you don´t need to be wrapped inside the sleeping bag. 

Snugpak JUNGLE - mosquito net

Important feature of this sleeping bag is built-in roll away mosquito net


  • Outer fabric: synthetic fibers from polyester, called Micro Diamond Ripstop (water repellent) 
  • Inner fabric is also 100% polyester, called Paratex AntiBacterial, specialist antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment. Also very pleasant to touch providing comfortable sleep. 
  • Insulation is once again 100 % polyester, called TravelSoft, providing Temperature Rating Comfort from 7 ℃. TravelSoft main feature is that it retains heat even when wet. 

The antibacterial fabrics stop odours when on the move. Ultra-lightweight high loft fine fibres are used which have excellent compressibility.

Snugpak JUNGLE - elasticated drawcord-adjustable hood

Snugpak JUNGLE - elasticated drawcord-adjustable hood


Compared to standard sleeping bags, it has one superb feature and that is built-in roll mosquito net, which can be zipped over the face and when not in use it can be easily stowed away inside the pocket.

Hanging tabs on the foot allow easy airing and drying. 

This sleeping bag also features elasticated drawcord-adjustable hood, as well as zipped internal valuables pocket.

I have my sleeping bag for over 2 years now and I have not seen any changes in the comfort or degradation of materials.

Sleeping Bag Snugpak JUNGLE

Sleeping Bag Snugpak JUNGLE has some excellent features 

JUNGLE sleeping bag specifications 

  • Length: 2,2 m
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Ideal for height up to 190 cm
  • Temperature Rating Comfort: 7°C
  • Temperature Rating Low: 2°C
  • Weight 900 g
  • Type of the sleeping bag: quilt, synthetic 
  • Packsize: approx 15x15x18 cm


  • High-quality and comfortable fabrics 
  • Temperature Rating Comfort ( even better when used with other products) 
  • It can be used as a quilt
  • Built-in roll away mosquito net that can be zipped over the face
  • Small dimensions 
Sleeping Bag Snugpak JUNGLE

Snugpak JUNGLE hanging tabs on the foot allow easy airing and drying


We should definitely not underestimate our choice of sleeping bag. Sleeping bag decides about comfort of your sleep and if it can provide another features ( just like reviewed JUNGLE), then your choice is quite clear.

If you also own other gear ( inflating mat, underquilt, Cocoon from Snugpak), then the Temperature Rating Comfort is better ( I have been using this sleeping bag in combination with Cocoon in temperatures around 0 ℃ and still felt very comfortable). So if you are still doubting whether to purchase it or not, you no longer have to. Just buy JUNGLE sleping bag.

  • Spací pytel JUNGLE Snugpak® (Odebrat)

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