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How to protect your home

8. ledna 2023Hints and tipsOndřej KrotilReading time 3 minutes

Do you know how to secure your home from unwanted intruders? In this article we will explain the basic principles of protection of property and our lives. Protect your life and property. You have the full right to do that.

Mans´s home is his castle. Such a slogan has been true since ancient times and even the current society full of strange regulations and laws will not change anything about it. You need to feel safe in your home so this is the right time to give you few tips, that will help you when your privacy disrupts an uninvited guest.

Man with a crowbar is trying to get inside


There is nothing more important than prevention itself. Therefore, think well how to better secure your house or apartment. Do you have quality gate ? Home security/alarm system ?

One of the most effective weapons against unwanted intruders is of course a protective dog, warding off potential criminals. If you have such dog, then congratulations. Thieves probably don't dare to come to you.

Also watch your surroundings. Keep an close eye on suspicious people in your neighborhood. For example, be alert when they are photographing real estate or seemingly aimlessly moving around your neighborhood. Do not worry to report such strange behavior to the police.

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What to do if disruption happens ? If someone has entered your property or wants to violently get inside, do not panic, although it may be difficult in such a situation. Dial emergency phone number 155 or 112 and describe your situation. If the situation allows and you have enough time, describe everything you see. This means to give a description of all the intruders including vehicles.

Reach for a weapon 

The next step should be weaponry. You can only use the weapon for your self-defense. If you are the owner of a firearm, check it and keep in mind that you must always handle a firearm as if it was still loaded. It is advisable to have a flashlight on hand, which you can also use as a weapon of self-defense. In the end, it does not matter what weapon you use, because in endanger of your life or life of your loved ones, you can use any weapon you find.

Detail of hand holding a gun


Choose a room in your house (apartment) that can be barricaded without any problem and thus helps to protect against an unwanted intruder. The goal is to slow down the coming of an undesirable intruder and of course protection of your health. Take all household members to such a room and secure the room so no one can enter it. It is very likely that you scare the intruder off with this procedure. He will probably think that there are people inside and the arrival of the police is only a matter of time.


How to barricade inside the room? Do not be afraid of improvisation and use pieces of furniture and, actually, everything you have at hand. As already mentioned, the goal is to slow down the approch of an intruder. Well barricaded doors are often a hard-to-overcome obstacle and at this time when every minute is important and the arrival of police can be matter of any moment, the thief will think about whether to continue entering the barricaded room.

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