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The camping sleeping bags are bags with comfort temperature rating from -5°C. We usually go camping during summer, but also in the spring and autumn. If we got a sleeping bag with a lower comfort temperature rating, it could be eventually too warm for us. 

The sleeping bag is one of the essential elements of the equipment of every tramp, camper, lover of survival or simply a person, who just likes to sleep in the nature. Camping sleeping bags are smaller and lighter than the winter versions, so they can be easily packed. 

If you are a camper, who uses a camper van all the time, the weight and dimensions won´t matter, but if you are traveling by train or bus, those parameters will be important.

Down fill or synthetic fill ? 

This is, after all, a question that is also related to the paragraph above. Natural fabric is a natural fabric, but synthetic sleeping bags are easier to clean and dry, and with the same thermal insulation properties, they are smaller and lighter, which you will definitely appreciate in three of four seasons. The sleeping bag insulated with down fill provides comfort, but feathers absorb moisture, so it needs to be properly dried in the sun every morning. And if you are doing multi-day hikes, you probably need to start walking early every morning...

Rectangular or Mummy ?

The main difference between mummy and rectangular sleeping bag is, that the first choice is more suitable for sleeping under the sky and the second one to the vehicle, tent or cabin. The rectangular sleeping bag, unlike the mummy one, has no hood, that covers your head.  

Temperature informations

For individual sleeping bags are most often three temperature data to help you distinguish whether your selected sleeping bag is suitable for camping or not. The mentioned comfort temperature, which we have given the number -5 ° C in the case of camping sleeping bags - it is the temperature at which sleeping in this sleeping bag is comfortable even if you sleep under a sky. With the min. temperature rating, you have to dress a little more, with the extreme temperature rating, however, there is a risk of hypothermia and a sleeping bag is no longer recommended for this value of the outdoor temperature.

What else to expect 

In addition to the above, the camping sleeping bag should also be waterproof. Especially springs are rainy and a certain level of waterproofness is always appropriate. But it is definitely advisable to have a sleeping bag fitted with warm seams as well, because every insulation is as effective as its weakest point. The guard (fabric that covers zipper) works as an insulation too

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