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Autumn outdoor gear

rain, wind

Autumn season ? For many it is not favorite part of the year. Nice summer days are gone and in general the days are shorter. What you can not be without ? Let´s choose the right autumn apparel. 

Welcome in our autmund category

To survive autumn without any harm, you will need high-quality apparel such as:

  • windproof jackets 
  • thermal underwear 
  • high-quality socks 
  • waterproof jackets 

By the end of autumn, you will need your winter footwear ready. It is not too early. To prolong its life, you need to take proper care of it, which means : 

  • clean your footwear
  • use of impregnation 
  • use of wax 

All the autumn products are divided into the specific categories, chosen on the base of many years of experience. With many products you can also find video description, where the specific products are described in more detail. Of course each product has its own detailed description to help you with your selection.