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Folding knife Mini Cleaver Bul®

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€ 172,2
Product code: KNF-14
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

In the Bul Armory portfolio, you will find products that combine tradition, innovation, and precision, ensuring their excellent performance and reliability. Now, Bul Armory uses its extensive knowledge in the field of weapons to manufacture the original and durable Bul Mini Cleaver knife.

Flipper function

The Bul Mini Cleaver folding knife has a flipper function. This means that the root of the blade is shaped so that when the blade is closed, a small lever protrudes from the back of the handle. This lever is sometimes also called a nose. If you pull this lever with the tip of your index finger, the blade will pop out of the handle.

Stylish handle

The Bul Mini Cleaver folding knife has a handle made of carbon material interwoven with gold elements. This gives the knife an exclusive appearance.

Deep carry pocket clip

Thanks to the special clip, the Bul Mini Cleaver folding knife is almost invisible in the pocket. The low profile of the clip thus allows for more discreet carrying.

In the hands of professionals and sports shooters

Since its founding in 1990, Bul Armory has focused on delivering the most reliable and accurate weapons. Thanks to its long-term commitment to producing the highest quality weapons on the market, it not only manufactures but also develops top-notch weapons that meet the demanding requirements of professionals and enthusiastic sports shooters.

D2 Steel and DLC

The Mini Cleaver knife is made of D2 tool steel with high hardness and increased corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance is further enhanced by the DLC coating, which also increases the mechanical durability of the knife.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • elegant design
  • gold elements in the carbon handle
  • DLC coating
  • high hardness D2 quality steel material
  • quick opening system
  • flipper function
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Buy Folding knife Mini Cleaver Bul® at a special price € 172,2
Important parameters
Blade length
6,5 cm
Length when closed
10,3 cm
Total length
16,8 cm
111 g
Material of blade / tools
Steel D2
Surface finish of blade / tools
Black blade - DLC
Material of handle
Carbon fiber
Blade type
Single bevel
Tanto point (US tanto)
Dimensions in detail
Blade width: 3 mm
Other specifications
Blade: straight
Opening: simple flipper + hole at the back of the blade
Simple guard on the blade made of flipper
Clip on pocket or belt
Jimping on the back of the blade and its shape allows the user to apply pressure on the knife while working
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Do you like the product?
Buy Folding knife Mini Cleaver Bul® at a special price € 172,2

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Do you like the product?
Buy Folding knife Mini Cleaver Bul® at a special price € 172,2

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