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Templar’s Gear® H2 backpack for CPC/TPC plate carriers

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€ 115,7
Product code: TG-CPC-FLAT-H2-BL
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

The Flat Pack H2 from the Polish company Templar's Gear is a backpack that takes the concept of its manufacturer's popular backpacks to a new level. It is designed specifically for CPC and TPC plate carriers from Templar's Gear and allows quick fastening or unfastening of the backpack using a zipper. In addition, you can look forward to more generous space and some innovations.

Large interior space

The basis of the Templar's Gear Flat Pack H2 backpack is a large main compartment, which includes a plastic MOLLE organizer, which ensures that you always have a perfect overview of the equipment inside. In addition to the main compartment, the backpack is also equipped with two side pockets equipped with a zipper for easy and quick access.

MOLLE compatible

The MOLLE system can also be found on the front panel and side panels, and the possibility of attaching other MOLLE compatible pockets and cases is definitely an advantage. The backpack thus offers high flexibility and further expands the functionality of the Templar's Gear plate carrier.

Quality design

Like the original version of the Flat Pack, the H2 version is made of Cordura 500D material and also of durable laminate, which is built on the basis of Cordura 500D. In addition, both of these fabrics are IRR-treated, which means that they reflect light in the infrared spectrum and thus prevent detection by night vision devices. The adjustment of the backpack thus offers excellent camouflage in the field.

Innovative geometry and arrangement of pockets

The innovations of the Flat Pack H2 backpack include the innovative geometry of the backpack, including the rounding of the surfaces, which reduces the risk of the backpack accidentally catching on objects in the surroundings during use. And then we find a pair of asymmetric pockets, the larger one of which is intended for flat objects and the smaller, shallower one for small items.

Insert and reinforcement at the same time

The aforementioned plastic MOLLE organizational insert also serves as a backpack reinforcement. You can easily and flexibly configure your equipment on the integrated MOLLE slots. The panel can be easily removed for faster access to the equipment stored in the backpack.

Adjusting the shape of the backpack

Thanks to compression straps with 25mm buckles on the sides of the backpack, you can adjust and adapt the shape of the backpack to its contents. However, in addition, thanks to them, you can attach other objects from the outside. And it is also worth mentioning the increased resistance to water, which is ensured by the material above the zippers. This minimizes the risk of water or moisture from the outside entering the pockets.

Simple attachment system

The system for attaching the backpack to the plate carrier is simple and intuitive. Also because it is identical to other backpacks and panels from Templar's Gear. Small triangular cut-outs mark designated places on the plate carrier, where you insert plastic straps and then secure the backpack with zippers.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • upgraded version of the backpack for CPC/TPC plate carriers
  • flat design
  • durable material (Cordura 500D and laminate based on it)
  • increased water resistance thanks to the material above the zippers
  • practical main compartment with plastic MOLLE organizer
  • the organizer also serves as a reinforcement
  • two side zip pockets for quick access
  • compression straps with 25mm buckles
  • innovative geometry including rounding of the surface
  • innovative pockets
  • made in Poland
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Buy Templar’s Gear® H2 backpack for CPC/TPC plate carriers at a special price € 115,7
Important parameters
Height / length
38 cm
26 cm
10 cm
0,55 kg
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Do you like the product?
Buy Templar’s Gear® H2 backpack for CPC/TPC plate carriers at a special price € 115,7

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Do you like the product?
Buy Templar’s Gear® H2 backpack for CPC/TPC plate carriers at a special price € 115,7
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