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Saint Torch 30 2.0 8000 lm NexTorch®

€ 352,6
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Product code: NXT-30-V2
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

The Saint Torch 30 2.0 8000 lm NexTorch is an incredibly powerful flashlight, which due to its high performance, is ideal for search operations in forests and poorly accessible terrains, where the terrain needs to be perfectly illuminated for safe movement and thorough exploration. Flashlight's greatest strength is its high power, provided by 3 reliable and high-quality Cree LED.

Flashlight and power bank 2in1

With high battery capacity, you can also use the torch as a power bank. Just set up the recharge mode and connect the device you want to charge.Charging the torch itself is then by using a practical USB-C. The torch uses 4 built-in batteries with a capacity of 2,600mAh.Connectors and charging mode switches can be found under unscrewable head parts. All connectors are thus protected from dust, dirt, and water. It can be fully charged in 3 hours.

Smart charging system

The battery's charging indicators are also very practical - 4 LED diodes inform you the battery exact state .This gives you a constant overview of the battery's current state of charge, which allows you to eliminate a charge that could negatively affect battery life.

Practical supplements

The pack contains a practical strap for hands-free carrying. There is also a bag for storing of the torch, including all necessary accessories, charging connectors, adaptors, etc. A truly powerful flashlight that will greatly facilitate any search operation.

Mode Luminance (lm)Beam distance(m) Runtime(one full charge)
Low 90 56 60 h
Medium 720 160 7 h 30 min
High 2,400 290 4 h
Turbo 8,000 530 2 h 15 min
Strobe 8,000 - -
Momentary 8,000 - -
S.O.S. 2,400 - -

Benefits you need to know about:

  • can be used as a power bank
  • USB-C charging
  • Current battery state controls
  • strap over shoulder
  • practical bag
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Buy Saint Torch 30 2.0 8000 lm NexTorch® at a special price € 352,6
Important parameters
Total length
20 cm
Number of modes
Luminous power
8000 lm
530 m
743 g
Types of batteries / accumulators
4x 2 600 mAh rechargeable battery pack
Aluminium 6061
Surface finish
Type III hard anodized
Dimensions in detail
Body diameter: 5,0 cm
Head diameter: 8,2 cm
Other specifications
LEDs type: 3x Cree® XHP50.2-K4 neutral white
Battery status indicator
Automatic power reduction when temperature reaches 50 °C
Charging indicator
Time for full charge: 3 h
It also works as a powerbank
Possibility of carrying flashlight on shoulder strap
It can stand on a flat surface like a lantern
Waterproof: IPX 7
Impact resistance: up to 1 m
Parts of delivery
LED flashlight
USB charging cable (type C) + fastcharger
Multifunctional carry bag made of DuPont® nylon + shoulder strap
Waterproof storage case
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Do you like the product?
Buy Saint Torch 30 2.0 8000 lm NexTorch® at a special price € 352,6

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Do you like the product?
Buy Saint Torch 30 2.0 8000 lm NexTorch® at a special price € 352,6
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