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Penlight Dr.K3 UV NexTorch®

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Product code: NXT-DRK3UV
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

The NexTorch Dr.K3 UV Wood´s lamp is a universal UV penlight, which makes life easier on several fronts. UV operates at specific wavelengths, that allow you to reliably detect microorganism, impurities and natural chemicals. Impurities and bacteria glow under UV light, so there is no problem simply recognizing them. The lamp lens is made of special glass, which filters ambient light and produces a more accurate UV. 

Animal testing

You can detect fungal diseases on the skin of animals by regularly examining pets with UV light. Affected spots under UV light will glow so they'll be easy for you to spot. Moreover, UV can detect polluted areas that are not visible to the naked eye.

Human exams

The UV penlight is not only for the control of pets.You can also detect abnormalities on human skin.The light detects skin pigmentation-related diseases and highlights the bacteria, that occur on the skin.Thus, blue light is used, for example, in the diagnosis of vitiliga, because the affected areas under UV light glow white. Each bacterium glows a different color under UV light so you're able to determine the bacteria type based on a specific color

Protection against counterfeiting

Blue light can also help you detect fakes. Banknotes, credit cards, stamps or a variety of personal IDs have protective elements, that are only visible under UV light. With a penlight, you are able to authenticate these elements and potentially detect counterfeits.

Discover pollution

Not all impurities, that occur in the household are visible to the naked eye. Under the UV light, you'll find impurities you wouldn't find easily. The light will help you locate such spots and then clean thoroughly. You can use this penlight not only at home, but also when cleaning up after visits, hotel guests, cleaning a new car, etc. By using the UV light, you make your home a healthy and safe environment.

Practical and compact design

It is very compact. Thanks to the shape and size of a common pen, you are able to carry it comfortably in your pocket. The structure is completed with a practical clip for fixing the penlight behind the edge of the pocket. The switching on/off is simple by a button on the back of the penlight .The button is made of anti-slip material, that guarantee comfortable handling even if you are wearing gloves.The body is made of lightweight but highly aero-resistant aluminium.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • aircraft aluminium construction
  • compact dimensions
  • attachment clip
  • anti-slip control button
  • UV light
  • lens of special materials
  • wide application
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Buy Penlight Dr.K3 UV NexTorch® at a special price € 27,1
Important parameters
Total length
14,8 cm
Number of modes
28 g
Types of batteries / accumulators
2x AAA batteries (micropencils)
Aluminium 6061
Dimensions in detail
Body diameter: 1,3 cm
Head diameter: 1,4 cm
Other specifications
Impact resistance: up to 1 m
LED type: UV with a wavelength of 365 nm
Output: 600 mW
Battery life: 1 h 15 min
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Buy Penlight Dr.K3 UV NexTorch® at a special price € 27,1

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Buy Penlight Dr.K3 UV NexTorch® at a special price € 27,1
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