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Peltor® Earplugs With String

€ 1,2
Product code: 7000052715
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

Reliable and safe protection for your hearing

Peltor earplugs with a string reliably and safely protect your hearing from any noise. Their usage is very easy, after insertion they are shapeable and will adapt to the shape of your ear canal. The viscoelastic foam material provides maximum wearing comfort, is antibacterial and perfectly wicks away moisture. Thanks to their single use, they are perfectly hygienic.

Safe from noise

Strong noise, as well as long-term exposure to sound stronger than 80 dB, can irreversibly damage your hearing and overall health, as has been known for a long time from scientific studies, so it is necessary to protect yourself, high-quality and reliably. Peltor earplugs with a string will provide you maximum sealing as protection against noise while maintaining full comfort .

Maximum level of concentration

The degree of concentration is absolutely essential for the future result of any activity. And concentrating in a noisy environment without high-quality hearing protection is not only impossible in the long term, but also dangerous. Not only a number of shooters, but also ordinary people, for example employees in noisy environments, students, hunters, or workers in the food industry, need to reliably protect their health and ensure quality concentration for their minds, which Peltor hearing protectors simply fulfill, uncompromisingly stop any noise .

Benefits you need to know about:

  • maximally comfortable and safe
  • high degree of sealing
  • the viscoelastic foam material is pleasant, antibacterial and excellent moisture wicking
  • detectable
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Buy Peltor® Earplugs With String at a special price € 1,2
Important parameters
4 g
Material in detail
Viscoelastic polyurethane foam
Other specifications
Protection level (SNR): 36 dB
E-A-R fit system compatible
Detectable by metal detector for easier finding (steel ball in the plug)
Parts of delivery
Supplied in pairs connected by string
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Buy Peltor® Earplugs With String at a special price € 1,2
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Buy Peltor® Earplugs With String at a special price € 1,2

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Do you like the product?
Buy Peltor® Earplugs With String at a special price € 1,2
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