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Bul® 1911 Ultra knife

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€ 117,3
Product code: KNF-2
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

The Bul 1911 Ultra knife. It is not only an attractive unique design, but also has plenty of practical functional features. The knife has interchangeable grips in the style of the legendary Colt 1911 pistol, which can be swapped similarly to the grips on this pistol. This solution allows for easy customization of the handle to the user's personal preferences.

Fulltang construction

This type of construction ensures that the Bul 1911 Ultra knife is made from a single piece of steel, which increases its strength and durability.

Practical accessories

The Bul 1911 Ultra knife comes in a set with a kydex sheath for safe carrying. For greater versatility, the knife has a hole at the end of the handle for attaching paracord, offering multiple carrying options.

Experience and tradition

In the Bul Armory portfolio, you will find products that combine tradition, innovation, and precision, ensuring their excellent performance and reliability. Now, at Bul Armory, they are utilizing their expertise in the field of firearms to produce the original and durable 1911 knife.

In the hands of professionals and sports shooters

Founded in 1990, Bul Armory has been focused on delivering the most reliable and precise weapons from the very beginning. Thanks to their long-term commitment to producing the highest quality weapons on the market, they not only manufacture but also develop top-tier weapons that meet the demanding requirements of professionals and enthusiastic sports shooters.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • strong and durable
  • fulltang construction
  • elegant design
  • interchangeable grips in 1911 style
  • hole at the end of the handle for paracord
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Buy Bul® 1911 Ultra knife at a special price € 117,3
Important parameters
Blade length
11,9 cm
Handle length
9,9 cm
Total length
21,8 cm
268 g
Surface finish of blade / tools
Silver blade - Satin
Material of pouch
Blade type
Single bevel
Drop point
Other specifications
Blade: straight
Construction: full tang
Removable handles 1911 (ultra size)
Lanyard hole in handle
Double-sided guard on the blade with holes on both sides - allows tying the knife (using the knife as a spear)
Parts of delivery
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Buy Bul® 1911 Ultra knife at a special price € 117,3

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Buy Bul® 1911 Ultra knife at a special price € 117,3

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