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MoG Gloves was only founded in 2017, but has since grown into one of the most respected manufacturers of specialty gloves, including tactical or first responder and firefighter models.

The abbreviation MoG in the company name MoG Gloves stands for "Masters of Gloves". The company was founded in 2017 to protect professionals who face many risks in their work. Whether you are a police officer, firefighter or soldier, MoG Gloves has something for everyone.

Gloves that last

MoG Gloves makes gloves that last. According to the manufacturer, the offer of gloves for professional use has so far been insufficient and inadequate. Protective gloves, for example, did little to protect against stabbing with a knife or needle, fire and various accidents or the consequences of disasters. Therefore, the company adheres to the motto that everything it creates, it creates for those who protect us.

Lives matter

The people at MoG Gloves care about those who protect us, and that's why their mission is "to create gloves for those who protect civilians in everyday or difficult and even life-threatening conditions."

The company thus develops tailor-made gloves for armed forces, security service employees, fire brigades, rescue teams... in short, for professional users for whom quality, personal safety and wearing comfort are extremely important.

Development based on feedback

MoG Gloves develops its gloves based on feedback. The development of MoG Gloves is based on stories from fields in which gloves are used daily. Every single MoG glove model is thus built from the scratch – from the first drawing, it is focused on solving the critical needs of end users. MoG Gloves products are created through constant interaction with end users.

MoG gloves are created organically, and their ongoing evaluation and final deployment into production takes place on the basis of thorough testing directly in real conditions. For example, their physical properties and performance for the given purpose are evaluated. The process of development, testing and fine-tuning of individual models takes several months or even a whole year in the case of MoG Gloves.

Long-term cooperation and interaction

MoG Gloves interacts with its customers, or with individual sectors, for a long time. As a result, it creates partnerships that last – both in the civilian sector and beyond, including the development of tailored tactical solutions. For this purpose too, the manufacturer relies on innovative technologies and its own development.

A broad product line

The product portfolio of MoG Gloves is very broad and includes specialized gloves for various fields. Tactical gloves or gloves for firefighters are a separate category, but here we also find special lines of gloves resistant to cuts, needles or flames. In addition, MoG Gloves also offer cold and water resistant gloves, rescue gloves, rappelling gloves or gloves for police officers operating at demonstrations.

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