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REVIEW: JETBOIL Flash Stove Cooking System

12. července 2023Testing and reviewsTibor HrušeckýReading time 4 minutes

In this review we will focus on portable gas stove from world famous U.S. manufacturer Jetboil. More specifically it is well known cooking system Jetboil Flash, which I have for more than 2 years now and has not disappointed me so far. And what´s more, the efficiency is still the same. Let´s reveal more.


U.S. manufacturer Jetboil® main production is mainly lightweight bakcountry portable stoves and cooking systems. In 2004 revolutionized backcountry cooking by creating a unique All-In-One cooking system. Although the products are undergoing a constant innovation, the compactness, efficiency and speed will always be the main features.

We are sure we don´t need to introduce it to many outdoor enthusiasts, however, we also think that there are still some people and users of outdoor camping stoves, who don´t know these products or only a little. 

In following review we will reveal more details of this “cooking system” and its main features as well as I will explain why I will never change it.

Jetboil Flash

I take my Jetboil Flash Cooking System everywhere with me.



During my outdoor adventures I have tried many cooking systems and products for boiling of water. However, none of them was ideal considering the price/performance ratio.

Then one day my friend recommended and introduced me Jetboil® Flash, which also meant that I got rid of all of mine cooking systems as I was so sure about purchasing of Jetboil. 

Jetboil Flash

I have my Jetboil® Flash for more than 2 years now

In my opinion, when it comes to practicality, efficiency and compactnes, this "stove" is simply unrivaled. Thanks to its design and FluxRing® technology the water boils max. in 2 minutes (0,75 l on full power in outdoor conditions and original Jetboil JetPower Fuel), not mentioning fuel saving (100g of fuel is approx for 12 liters of boiled water, which means 24x cooking when using 0,5 l of water). 

Jetboil Flash in use

In summer temperatures the Jetboil Flash boils 0,7 l of water in about 40 seconds

Moreover, all accessories fit inside the container, wich definitely helps to save some space in your backpack (mentioned accessories include also extra Jetboil accessories). As a bonus it comes with practical insulating cover with handle and thermochromatic color-change heat indicator lets you know when water's ready. Bottom cup doubles as a measuring cup and bowl (however, I use my own favorite cup).

Jetboil FlashCooking System - packed

Everything is stored inside the Jetboil Flash container plus there is still space for 100g fuel canister

The weight of the system with basic accessories is approx 430 g (excludes fuel canister), 495 g with accessories (Crunch recycling tool+ pot support) and 595 g including 100g fuel canister (everything stored inside the container).

Jetboil CrunchIt Butane Canister Recycling Tool

I have also purchased Jetboil CrunchIt and Jetboil Pot Support as a part of my system

Yes, there are smaller and lighter stoves on the market (for example so called Spider stove or another "simple" stoves) however, when it comes to efficiency, they can not compete with Jetboilem at all.

The disadvantage of this cooking system may be its price, which starts on 2,800 Czech crowns. However, my philosophy is : “I am not that rich to buy cheap stuff” and considering the fact, that I have been using this stove for more than 2 years now in all weather conditions and its reliability and efficiency is still the same, the price for this cooking system is more than reasonable. 

Outdoor stove cooking system Jetboil Flash with FluxRing technology

Thanks to the highly effective FluxRing technology there is minimal loss of heat

Jetboil® Flash main specs and features 

  • Dimensions: height 18 cm, diameter 10,4 cm
  • Volume: 1 liter
  • Boil time 0,5 l of water in ideal conditions (no wind, room temperature): approx 50sec
  • Boil time under unfavorable conditions (wind + cold): approx 2,5 minutes
  • Boil time in normal conditions : 1,5 minutes
  • Power: 0,9 kW + FluxRing® technology
  • Ignition type : push button 

features :

  • 1-liter FluxRing cooking cup
  • insulating cover with handle and thermochromatic color-change heat indicator 
  • reliable pushbutton igniter
  • lid 
  • bottom cup which doubles as a measuring cup and a bowl
  • fuel canister stabilizer (for smaller and larger types of fuel canisters)


I have already mentioned original Jetboil accessories that can be purchased separately. Jetboil itself is great for fast boiling of water.

if you want to use your Jetboil for cooking as well, you need to also purchase Pot Support, which is easily attached so you can cook all your favorite meals. We have tried overall stability/solidity during one of our trips, when we were preparing goulash for 4 people on this stove.

Butane Canister Recycling ToolCrunchIt punctures JetPower (and certain other) butane fuel canisters, making them recycling bin ready.

Jetboil will also help you to make your favorite french press thanks to Siliconer Coffee Press.

You will be able to check the fuel level of any Jetboil canister thanks to the Jetboil JetGauge, that offers three settings to accommodate 100-gram, 230-gram, and 450-gram JetPower canisters. Plan ahead by determining how much fuel you will need for each meal using Jetboil's convenient usage guide (for instance when planning to boil 6 l of water and the capacity is still 50 %, I know that I don´t need to carry extra fuel canister). 

PROS :  

  • Efficiency 
  • Space saving - all accessories can be stowed away inside the container
  • Fuel saving thanks to the minimal loss of heat when cooking 
  • Thermochromatic color-change heat indicator 
  • Handy accessories  
Jetboil Flash - thermochromatic color-change heat indicator

Outdoor stove Jetboil Flash is a great help when exploring the backcountry and the thermochromatic color-change heat indicator is an excellent feature


I have previously owned different camping stoves and cooking systems including Spider stove and many more, however none of them was as convenient, efficient and economical (in various weather conditions) as reviewed Jetboil stove. It is my companion on each of mine trips (whether one-day or multi-day trips), as I love that feeling when I can sit down, make a coffee (I use Grower’s, or Drip It) and just enjoy those moments. If the day comes when it stops working, I will definitely purchase it again. Perhaps in different color :) 

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