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Mosquito repellers

7. května 2023Hints and tipsOndřej KrotilReading time 3 minutes

Are you annoyed by mosquites when sitting by the water or a campfire? We have a solution for you in the form of mosquito repellers that can effectively eliminate these pesky insects. From now on, there will be no more mosquito bites if you use the right equipment.

Pesky mosquitos

Mosquitoes have sucked our blood for a very long time. They're older than the mankind itself. But that doesn't mean we have to suffer when they're around. On the contrary. We don't have to if we know how to do it.

We will show you mosquito repellers that can effectively eliminate them.

Camping mosquito repeller Backpacker Thermacell®

An ideal help in a camp

Backpacker Thermacell® odpuzovač komárů

Backpacker Thermacell® mosquito repeller 

This camping helper will help you to have nice evenings by the water or campfire. It is powered by a gas cartridge and effectively repels mosquitoes.

Easy to use

The device is portable and user friendly. Even a small child can change the gas cartridge. It is not difficult even for less technically savvy individuals.


The repeller is small yet highly compact and does not take up much space in your bag. It can be packed as an effective helper, for example, when going rafting.

Large protected area

The mosquito protection zone is a very decent 21 m2. This zone can easily accommodate all participants of an evening session, which will definitely not be disturbed by any mosquito.

Handheld mosquito repeller MR-450X Thermacell®

The most modern device

Ruční odpuzovač komárů MR-450X Thermacell®

Handheld mosquito repeller MR-450X Thermacell®

The repeller was developed based on the requirements and feedback of demanding customers. It provides perfect protection against mosquitoes within a radius of 21 m2.

Ease of use

You can easily operate the device using just one hand, whereas changing the repeller cartridges and pads does not take too much time and is easy even for a small kid. The design of the device is robust and impact-resistant, and thanks to its compact size it takes up almost no space.

Silent with no smell

The repeller is completely silent when running and its smooth operation does not give off any unwanted odour. Sitting by the fire, on a hunting tower or by the water will thus not be disturbed by any pesk bug.

Handheld mosquito repeller MR-300L Thermacell®

Effect guaranteed

Ruční odpuzovač komárů MR-300L Thermacell®

Handheld mosquito repeller MR-300L Thermacell®

The device repels mosquitoes over an area of a very decent 21 m2. Which is plenty for the entire campfire crew. Of course, it's perfect for boaters or hunters as well.

User friendly

Like the other repellers, this one is easy to use too. You can operate it with only one hand and changing the repellent pads and cartridges is a matter of seconds.

Quiet with no odour

You need not to worry about any possible scents. This repeller works completely silent and does not emit an odor that can often be annoying. You won't smell or hear a thing.

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