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A look back at LYNX BRUTALITY 2024

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On May 24th and 25th, we had the honor to participate as spectators for the first time in the shooting competition Lynx Brutality 2024 in Slovenia, which is organized by the founders of the Polenar Tactical project. The program also included the Gun Expo exhibition with a rich assortment of shooting, tactical, medical and airsoft equipment from many more and less well-known brands. However, Rigad did not come empty-handed either and contributed to the competition with prizes from Czech manufacturers.

Lynx Brutality: a competition for the brave ones

Lynx Brutality is an annual two-day shooting competition held at the Lynx Pro training range in Kočevje, Slovenia. This event is intended for the general shooting public and offers a number of physically and mentally demanding tactical situations.

A competitor at the Lynx Brutality 2024 shooting competition

The Lynx Brutality 2024 shooting competition is physically demanding, requires experience, great fitness and maximum emphasis on safety.

Who can participate?

After prior registration, a shooter may participate in the competition with their own weapon (allowed calibers are listed on the competition website), a valid firearms license and a European firearms passport allowing to travel with a firearm within EU countries. At the same time, they will receive a written invitation to the competition from the organizers.

However, this is far from an event for shooting beginners. The Lynx Brutality competition requires good shooting experience, physical fitness, mental toughness and the ability to quickly and correctly evaluate a tactical situation. The absolute basis is thorough compliance with all safety standards, the violation of which results in immediate disqualification.

Prizes that are worth it

Valuable and motivating prizes are prepared for the winners of the competition every year. At this year's edition, Rigad contributed prizes from popular Czech manufacturers such as Tilak Military Gear, Combat Systems, Red Dot One and ANV Knives.

(Not just) for those who don't shoot

But even those who are not going to shoot will enjoy the event. The Gun Expo takes place in close proximity to the shooting range and offers a wide selection of shooting, tactical, medical and airsoft equipment. Among other things, here you will have the opportunity to meet the faces of the brands from which you like to buy your equipment. You can watch the course of the shooting competition live on a widescreen display, and on Saturday even directly from the tower of the shooting range. Refreshments are also available on site.

Polenar Tactical booth at Lynx Brutality 2024

At the Gun Expo exhibition, which takes place as part of the Lynx Brutality shooting competition, you will meet the faces of your favorite brands.

Meet Polenar Tactical

Polenar Tactical started in 2011 as a group of enthusiasts who tried to combine their two biggest passions: shooting and shooting videos. Today they run the largest gun and shooting YouTube channel in Europe, with a wide reach into the shooting community across many countries.

The main idea of ​​the project is the safe and responsible use of weapons and the creation of an intelligent shooting community that positively influences the shooting culture in Europe and presents it to the civilian public in a good light and without prejudice.

As a production company with a quality background in the form of experienced shooters, shooting and tactical equipment and vehicles, photographic and film technologies and experience, they support a number of other projects in the shooting field.

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