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Kombat UK® duct tape

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€ 7,7
Product code: TFT-8X50-MTP
Warranty length: 2 years
Description and parametersProduct inquiry
Description and parameters

The Kombat UK duct tape will provide better grip and comfort, great for making small adjustments. Excellent insulating properties against cold and heat. In the ratio of price and quality, it is an unrivaled winner.

The material will support camouflage and reduce the risk of glare

The Kombat UK ultra-strong adhesive tape is made of a material and pattern that will support camouflage and significantly reduce the risk of glare. Effectively protects all sensitive devices.

Two decades of experience can only come from quality

Kombat UK is a family business based in the East of Britain. Over twenty years of experience in the production, development and sale of tactical equipment and clothing make it the number one on the market. It has wide customer support not only in the hobby, but also in the professional field.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • excellent insulating properties
  • ultra strong
  • will support camouflage
  • will reduce the risk of glare
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Buy Kombat UK® duct tape at a special price € 7,7
Important parameters
Dimensions in detail
Length: 8 m
Width: 5 cm

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Do you like the product?
Buy Kombat UK® duct tape at a special price € 7,7

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