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Coffee is an ideal encouragement when wandering through nature. Take a break, let your tired feet rest and start a fire. Drinking coffee is a ritual that is practiced by majority of the population. There are only few people who don´t like it. If you do not have coffee banned from the doctor due to high blood pressure or heart problems, then there is nothing to solve.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks and stimulants today. There are only legends with its beginnings. For example, the Yemeni one about the herder Kaldim, whose coffee cherries encouraged the goats. The first café was established in the 15th century in Istanbul and has since gradually started to spread throughout the world.

Equip yourself for a coffee ritual

Every coffee ritual, especially one that takes place outside of civilization, requires thorough preparation of equipment. This should be lightweight and should not take up much space in your backpack. And since you won't find electricity outdoors, mechanical equipment will come in handy.

Make coffee on the go

Nothing compares to freshly ground coffee. Therefore, take unground coffee with you to nature, ideally from some proven roastery, which you will grind along the way. This naturally requires a mechanical grinder, which grinds your coffee exactly as previous generations used to do. That is, not by pressing a button, but simply by working out the desired drink. You can see it as part of that ritual.

Proper filtration is the key

Thanks to the equipment and coffee filter sets we offer, you can prepare the perfect drink without the pieces.  Here again, it is important that the coffee sets take up as little space as possible in the backpack - so you do not even recognize the weight if possible.

Enjoy it from a light mug

You can also choose lightweight mugs from which you can enjoy your delicious drink on the go, and even accessories for these mugs in the form of various filters and sieves, thanks to which you can easily turn a mug into a "mobile" french press. A mug, that unlike the kitchen one, survives even harsher handling. As with the above products, endurance but also minimalist design. are also important for outdoor mugs. 

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