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The T-shirt brand CityZen, which was founded in the Czech Republic in September 2018, could be described as a startup. But René Němeček got the idea for it more than 20 years earlier. And together with two friends he brought it to life.

CityZen was founded only recently, but its rise can be characterized as rocket. It was created by three friends from Chrudim, René Němeček, Pavel Hrstka and Martin Burkoň. The first of them is in charge of production and innovation, the second is the executive director and the third is the financial director. During its existence, Pavel Hrstka has already managed to become the entrepreneur of the year, and another award was won by the CityZen brand itself, among other things, it is the Startup of the Year and also won the Shop of the year award of the Heureka price comparison tool.

Quick start

The CityZen brand officially saw the light of day on the first school day of 2018, and it started to accept the first orders before Christmas. Thanks to its innovations, originally small company began to be noticed by the media and the public, and marketing worked perfectly from the beginning. So perfectly that after half a year the warehouses began to be emptied and customers were threatened with disappointment. However, they waited and the manufacturer could continue to grow. Through the aforementioned awards or a crowdfunding campaign on the Czech platform HitHit, it has become a respected textile brand not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia or Germany... and the growth continues.

T-shirts with added value

In 1995, when René Němeček was thinking about how to bring t-shirts to the market that would somehow differ from the existing offer, he also dealt with the issue of quality. After twenty years, CityZen could come up with t-shirts that can boast of being made of the highest quality cotton available on the market. It is not cheap cotton from Asia, but heavy-weight material from Egypt, the USA or Greece.

This material comes to the Czech Republic in the form of slub yarn. It is then knitted and dyed (in the most environmentally friendly way available), and then it is cut on CNC machines (cutter) and sewn by hand. All these processes take place exclusively on the territory of the Czech Republic or Slovakia, and a thorough quality control takes place after each stage.

However, the added value of CityZen t-shirts is the eponymous finish, which Němeček and his colleagues have been developing for years. Thanks to this surface treatment, sweat is not visible on the shirt, so you can wear it to the outdoors or to the gym as well as to a work meeting. The CityZen cotton treatment further reduces the growth of bacteria, which ultimately reduces odours. And CityZen t-shirts also resist dirt well.

But with all that, these are still fully functional t-shirts that can function without a membrane! They are pleasant to the touch and, moreover, they are highly absorbent and quick-drying, so you will no longer be surprised by any condensed sweat or moisture on your body. In addition, CityZen T-shirts are 100% recyclable, so not only their production, but also disposal at the end of the life cycle is environmentally friendly. However, thanks to quality materials and workmanship, this life cycle is significantly longer than that of much of the competition.

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