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A little bit of comfort while camping or fishing ? This can be provided by camping chairs. However, they are not all the same. Let's think carefully so we don't regret it later.

When it comes to comfort, it can be anything. Comfort while sleeping, traveling, but also during camping. How can comfort be reflected here? Quite simply - just think about how we will function in the camp or outdoors, where we will sit or eat... There are many options - we can use stump or boulder, either way, we would like to have some sort of comfort even outdoors. We can use help of camping chairs, which are the real standard in these days. 

Small and compact 

Such possibilities offer folding chairs. Practically it is a small chair that collapses down to even smaller size. It is the space undemanding that makes these chairs great companions on our travels. Their biggest advantage is trouble-free attachment onto our backpack. Most of them would even fit inside of the backpack. There are diffferent designs. Either two rectangular tube profiles, which is simple design, but spatially disadvantageous. And then there is a frame with plastic connector of several poles in the middle which buffer the impact from sitting down. When folded, we can simply attached it onto our backpack - ideal. But what about back support ? That is still considered as disadvantage that we need to mention. Such chairs are not designed for longer sitting. Missing back support can cause back pain which is something what we don´t want. So what now ? 

Bigger, but more comfortable 

If we want more comfort, we need to focus on something different. Our e-shop offers more possibilities. In any case, we will be satisfied with the comfort, but less satisfied with the space requirements. In addition to back support, these chairs can offer even armrest. The back support is really important and along with armrests these chairs provide comfortable and long sitting. As we have already mentioned, space requirements are different with these chairs. Of course we can fold it and attached it onto our backpack, but the heavier weight will be still there. As the saying goes - everything comes with a price. 

Aluminium and nylon

Materials we will see the most are aluminium and nylon. More specifically, their modifications. Aluminium offers low weight, hight strength and durability. Seats and support are usually made from polyester or nylon. These are, just as aluminium, the best choice. Let´s be careful not to buy an unnecessarily heavy iron chair as we could be very dissatisfied with its weight.

Where to use it ? 

Each chair serves a different purpose. The smaller version without back support we can take on adventures where we carry everything on our back. The heavier ones are more suitable for camping and fishing but this is rather our recommendation. All we need to do is watch out for material, otherwise these chairs can be used anywhere, whether it is garden barbeque or just sitting outdoors. 

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