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Vertx® MAK Band Velcro Insert

€ 21,9
Product code: VTX5180
Warranty length: 2 years
Description and parametersProduct inquiry
Description and parameters

The Velcro insert MAK Band, in this case in the Standard size, is part of the unique Vertx Tactigami storage system, where the abbreviation MAK stands for MAGs and Kit. You can use this solution both for weapon magazines and for smaller everyday items.

Elastic retention system

This case uses an elastic retention system to keep equipment in place. Thanks to the One-Wrap attachment from the Velcro company, the case literally surrounds all objects and they do not fall out of their position. You just attach the insert to the panel with loops, which is compatible with practically all bags or backpacks of the Vertx brand.

For everyday carry

Velcro insert MAK Band is designed for everyday carrying of equipment and accessories for weapons. This is a solution that, when attached to the mentioned loop panel, brings unique organizational capabilities, whether you are a professional member of the armed forces or "just" need uncompromising equipment for your leisure outdoor activities.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • tactical holster
  • for magazines or smaller items such as flashlights, tools or batteries
  • secures items in place with an elastic retention system
  • attaches to the loop panel for customization
  • part of the Vertx Tactigami organizational system
  • also compatible with other loop surfaces
  • can be cut to a smaller size without fraying
  • patented design (patent #9464867)
  • made of Velcro One-Wrap system
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Buy Vertx® MAK Band Velcro Insert at a special price € 21,9
Important parameters
Knives, multitools
Velcro® One-Wrap®
Fixing / transport
Velcro One-Wrap (hook and loop)
Other surfaces with hook and loop

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Do you like the product?
Buy Vertx® MAK Band Velcro Insert at a special price € 21,9
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