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Primus® Mimer Kit II stove kit

€ 78
Product code: P324612
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

The Mimer Kit II from Primus, a traditional manufacturer of outdoor cooking equipment, is a stove and cookware set that can be described as one of the most compact outdoor kitchens on the market. This is a lightweight and compact set that takes up a minimum of space in your backpack and at the same time you can prepare food with it for the whole family outside the reach of utility networks.

Small but practical

The Primus Mimer Kit II contains everything you need to prepare food on the grill. The base is a Mimer portable stove, which you put on your gas cartridge (the cartridge is not included in the package!) and place one of the two pots that you get in the set on top of it, or a pan that also serves as a lid when carrying the whole set or cooking in one of the pots.

Robust and durable

The stove itself is robust and durable. It does not contain any folding parts, which increases its mechanical life. The manufacturer states that it is even possible to pass it down from generation to generation. In addition, it has a wide flame that can heat even a larger pot and you can prepare food for approximately 1-3 people at once. The support legs are static and there are four of them, which adds to the stability of the pots.

Lightweight, aluminium pots

Lightweight pots with volumes of 1.3 and 2.3 l are stackable and made of aluminium with anodized surface treatment. The lid, which also serves as a pan, has a ceramic, non-stick surface. All of this can be easily held with a practical handle that does not transfer heat, so you won't burn yourself through it. You can easily carry all the components of the set in the nylon bag that is included in the package.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • cookware set for outdoor and camping use
  • the basis is the practical Primus Mimer cooker
  • light and compact set
  • robust and durable stove
  • without folding, mechanical parts
  • compact packaging
  • wide flame
  • 2 pots (1.3 l and 2.3 l) in anodized aluminium
  • lid and pan in one with ceramic coating
  • practical handle that does not transfer heat
  • nylon bag included
  • the gas cartridge is not included in the package!
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Buy Primus® Mimer Kit II stove kit at a special price € 78
Important parameters
Material in detail
Pots: anodised aluminium
Lid / pan / shallow pot: anodized aluminum + non-stick finish
Transport bag: nylon
Dimensions in detail
Cooker burner diameter: 0.37 mm
Other specifications
Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use outdoor cookware set with Primus® Mimer
Without folding / mechanical parts
Wide flame for using large pots
Static 4-point pot support
Fuel: mixed propane - butane - isobutane
Fuel consumption: 205 g / h
Use only with Primus® 2206, 2202 and 2207 cartridges
Outdoor use only
Parts of delivery
Gas cartridge not included
Pot 1,3 l
Pot 2,3 l
Lid / pan / shallow pot
Pot holder
Transport bag
Tutorials and files to download
User manual
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Do you like the product?
Buy Primus® Mimer Kit II stove kit at a special price € 78

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Do you like the product?
Buy Primus® Mimer Kit II stove kit at a special price € 78
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