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On Saturday, June 15, the fifth edition of the Strongman Energy Vrdy race took place. This event is unique both in its scope and quality. Power sports competitors competed from morning until late afternoon in several different categories. There was also a rich accompanying program and a great atmosphere. And just like every year, Rigad did not miss the event as one of the sponsors.

This year was successful again. The participation was abundant, many competitors and fans gathered. Excited spectators, as always, heckled all the contestants, and so there were performances that many of them did not even expect. And thanks to the rich accompanying program, no one had a chance to get bored at this event. Rigad became one of the sponsors of this event and provided several products for the participants and the winners.

Strongman Energy Vrdy 2024, strength disciplines competition

One of the disciplines of the Strongman Energy Vrdy 2024 race is the tire flip.

The Strongman Energy Vrdy race is part of the annual series of Strongman races. Competitors measure their strength in several disciplines, such as bag throwing, tire flipping, loading medley (carrying different weights onto a table or mat) or the royal loglift discipline. The exact assignment is published a few months in advance.

The competition was held in three categories. The whole event was already started in the morning by the beginners' race. Those were followed by the Strongwoman category after a short break. And in the afternoon, the program culminated in a professional race, which is part of the Czech professional strongman league. Several foreign participants also come to compete every year.

Strongman Energy Vrdy 2024, announcement of the winner

The atmosphere at Strongman Energy Vrdy 2024 was great.

The beginner race is for (almost) everyone

The Beginner League is open to all power sports fans who have never competed as a strongman before (that's the only real entry requirement) and would like to try it for the first time. Most likely (to be sure) the critical eye of the organizers will not miss them yet – these disciplines are not for everyone, decent weights are already being lifted and preparation requires training.

Strongwoman race for strong women

Are you a woman and strength sports are your passion? Strongman has something for you too. Strongwoman races are characterized by a great atmosphere and maximum effort. And since there are relatively few participants so far, only 4 competed this year, you will have the door open. Come join the ranks of strong women!


The highlight of the program is the professional race, where the strongest compete. The race belongs to the series of the Czech professional strongman league, so every point earned is included in the total. The race was very attractive for spectators and there were interesting performances. Injuries were a bit of a dark side, but that unfortunately belongs to strength competitions. Zdeněk Vávra, who is also the organizer, was able to defend his championship. And what is Zdeněk telling you?

"Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this event, it was great. And I invite you to the next edition of Strongman Energy Vrdy, which will be on June 21, 2025!" The date is fresh, so save it :-) And who would like to make it to the Strongman competition this year, see you on September 7th in Klatovy.

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