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Clawgear technologies

6. dubna 2023Rigad News Pavel KreuzigerReading time 10 minutes

Austrian Clawgear is a manufacturer of uncompromising tactical clothing and equipment popular not only by civilians but also by various armed forces around the world. The individual features of the equipment use many technologies, some of which come from Clawgear workshop. Let´s take a closer look on some of these technologies.


The first Clawgear technology we are going to introduce is DARKSTONE. Products with the DARKSTON icon have an extremely abrasion resistant treatment applied to them. The treatment has minimal effect on the textile hand but improves abrasion resistance by a factor of up thirty (depending on the version of the treatment). 

DARKSTONE technology is tested to DIN EN530 and is REACH (European standard) compliant. Since this is a completely new technology, it is not yet clear what types of clothing or equipment are going to be implemented.

On the other hand, we already know that DARKSTONE technology, which is by the way available in two variants - Sunburst and Ypsilon – is already used on some of the bestsellers from Clawgear tactical clothing, such as Operator ATS combat pants, as well as Raider ATS shirt and Raider pants. 

Darkstone YpsilnDarkstone sunburst

Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR)

This is not a brand new technology, however, it must be mentioned, because it is one of the most important features of Clawgear tactical clothing and equipment. Products with this logo have been tested and validated to military standards for near infrared reflectance. 

During night and times of limited visibility, the wavelengths can be exploited using night vision equipment to detect people or gear. To eliminate this, some of the Clawgear products feature special NIR signature technology that reflects infrared light. The probability of detection by low light deviced is significantly reduced and the opponent will have a deteriorated position.

Near Infrared Reflectance, respectively Near Infrared Suppression is a technology, that is used for most of the Clawgear military clothing and equipment – except of base layers. Clawgear lines that use this technology include Strata, LRICC, Extrem, Operator ATS or Raider ATS.

Advanced textile technologies

Another technology used by Clawgear has word "advanced" already in its title. Specifically this technology is called ATS - Advanced Textile Solution. ATS is a lightweight textile with mechanical stretch properties, using the latest and the most advanced T420HT high-tenacity fiber from CORDURA. The textiles in ATS category have excellent features - they exhibit superior strength, lower moisture pick up, faster drying, are more breathable and (as already mentioned) are extremely lightweight.

ATS technology

Source: Facebook Clawgear

The presence of ATS technology in Clawgear products is usually identified by the fact that these products have ATS already in their name. These are mostly products from the lines Operator ATS and Raider ATS.

Multifunctional textile RAPTOR

Clawgear patented technology is also RAPTOR. However, this time it is not one type of fabric, but collection of functional textiles primarily for use in windproof, waterproof and breathable clothing applications. The specific composition of the laminates depends on user´s specific requirements.

Clawgear Raptor Technology

Source: Facebook Clawgear

Clawgear also offers specific laminates based on bi-component ePTFE, polyester and polyurethane membranes. RAPTOR technology can be found by some products (combat pants and jackets) of series Strata or Extrem.

Flame retardant 

Clawgear products carrying the AGNI icon have been tested and certified as being flame retardants. These materials are tested to EN ISO15025, means no molten debris, afterglow and the flame is less than two seconds. AGNI materials also exhibit superior color fastness and high air permeability. AGNI materials are used for example on Operator ATS combat shirt.

Agni Flame Retardant Technology

Source: Facebook Clawgear

Other technologies used 

To make it complete, we would like to add another technologies that Clawgear use for their products. It is for example VELCRO Hook and Loop, camouflage pattern Multicam, Climashield insulation or high-quality YKK zippers, including Aquaguard waterproof variant.

Some of the products feature DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent), while the others use merino wool, material knows for its amazing features (e. g - it is warming even when wet). All Clawgear wool is sourced from suppliers that follow the so called Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). This standard protects animal welfare and promotes responsible land management.

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