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Camping in a campsite or on your own?

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Camping by the water, in the meadow, in the forest or in the mountains? Here in the Czech Republic, there are a number of interesting locations where you can go for a pleasant experience. But every place is different and you also need to think about the fact that not everywhere you can set up a tent and make a fire. We have prepared for you an overview of important information that could be useful for you when camping.

A carefree official campsite?

If you decide to go to an official campsite, you will not have to worry about finding a place to spend the night. You simply choose a place in the area that you can cozy up to your imagination. But it is important to remember that the campsites tend to be quite full during the summer, so it is better to reserve a place well in advance.

camping chairs in front of a tent in a camp

In an official camp, you will not have to worry a lot. However, you may not avoid unwanted overcrowding.

How to find a good campsite?

You can choose from a number of internet portals, such as: dokempu.cz, kudyznudy.cz or m-kempy.cz. For most campsites, you will find their detailed description and reviews from visitors. It is the reviews that are one of the most important indicators of how the camp actually works.

What kind of campsite am I actually looking for?

When choosing a campsite, focus primarily on the location of the campsite and its facilities. If you are looking for a quieter campsite without the hustle and bustle of the city, then it is definitely better to avoid cities, but also villages. Even campsites near tourist attractions can surprise you with more noise. It is also a good idea to think about whether you want to go camping in mountainous areas, forests or to a pond or lake. Each of these places offers a slightly different experience.

The second important aspect is the facilities, i.e. how well the camp is equipped. There are a number of campsites in which you have full service in the form of restaurants, food stalls, but also tennis courts or mini golf. You will especially appreciate the complete service when camping with children, who might get bored in a less equipped campsite.

Large campsites may also have a common room where you can hide in case of rain and play a game. If less is enough for you to be happy, then a source of drinking water, a fireplace and sanitary facilities are considered such a necessary basis.

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Own camping site

If you want to camp outside the official campsite, then the situation is a bit more complicated. You can look, for example, at bezkempu.cz, where you will be sure to avoid fines and arrests for illegal camping on someone else's land. However, you should always consult with the landowner before setting up your private campsite.

An important rule is to keep the place as it was before your arrival. You don't have to invent any complicated structures from cut wood, a tent will provide you with sufficient comfort and is much more environmentally friendly. The same is the case with a campfire, for heating food and roasting burritos, a small fire in a clearly defined area is enough, or you can use a stove. In short, follow the 7 principles of Leave No Trace, which are:

  • Plan and prepare well.
  • Travel and spend the night on a durable surface.
  • Focus on proper waste disposal.
  • Leave everything as you found it.
  • Minimize the effect of fire.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Be considerate of other visitors.

Similar to camping in a campsite, you need to think about where you actually want to go. Do you want to look at the water? Then it will be necessary to properly equip yourself against mosquitoes. Do you want to settle in the meadow? Then you must pack a sufficient amount of drinking water with you. It is also not possible to set up a camp in national parks (NP) and protected landscape areas (PLA), in which you risk high fines if you are caught.

tents in a camp at night

There are a number of websites and apps to help you choose a campsite or camping spot.

What equipment not to forget?

When camping on your own, you can't always go to the store and buy the necessary equipment. You should definitely not forget:

  • a tent, tarp or hammock,
  • mat, sleeping bag, (bivy bag),
  • flint, (matches), lighter,
  • stove and kitchen utensils (kettle, pan),
  • food and drink in sufficient quantity,
  • hygiene supplies,
  • first aid kit,
  • rubber bands, paracords,
  • headlamp, flashlight,
  • knife, axe, shovel and other tools,
  • garbage bag – nothing must be left in place.

Overnight stay

Spending the night, sometimes also bivouacing, is a one-time overnight stay in nature, after which you leave no traces at the place where you spent the night. Only sleeping bags and mats, or hammocks, are allowed during overnight stays. If you want to build a tent or an improvised shelter, then you already fall into the category of camping, which is much stricter and you may face a large fine. You can bivouac practically anywhere in the Czech Republic. The exception is national parks and PLAs, where you can only spend the night in places designated for emergency overnight stays.

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A pot and a kettle on a grill during camping

Will you try camping on your own this summer?

How to create a place to spend the night?

If you don't want to sleep on the ground, then one of the best solutions is to use a hammock. A well-fixed hammock will give you a comfortable place to rest. You can improve your sleeping place by stretching a tarp to protect you from bad weather.

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It is a good idea to use reflective ropes to secure a hammock, tarpaulin, or even a backpack to a tree. You can even mark the spot of your stay with a flashlight. Avoid unpleasant situations where other visitors to the forest or hunters may overlook you. Besides, you know that overnighting is legal and you have no reason to hide.

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