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Chamber Boss AR15 Real Avid®

€ 42,8
Product code: AVAR15CB
Warranty length: 2 years
Description and parametersProduct inquiry
Description and parameters

Make it easier to clean the chamber

The Chamber Boss AR15 by Real Avid® is a practical tool for easy cleaning of chambers in AR15 rifles. The kit is designed specifically for the construction of an AR15, tomake sure you get the best possible results. All cleaning tools can be stored in hollow back parts ergonomic handrails. Be sure you'll have everything you need to clean the chamber in one place.

Practical design

The shape of the handrail is conducive to ideal centering bars, which ensures an even cleaning of star chamber and all the teeth. You don't have to wonder if you hit the star chamber. You have no other choice thanks to the rotation of the handrail. The end of the rod has a carbon scraper. The set also includes a special holder to provide stable position. The pack also includes a 5 star excavator, and a removable chamber brush.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • hollow rear for storage of accessories
  • designed for AR15
  • 5 star excavators
  • chamber brush
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Buy Chamber Boss AR15 Real Avid® at a special price € 42,8
Important parameters
.223 Rem
5,56 x 45 mm NATO

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Buy Chamber Boss AR15 Real Avid® at a special price € 42,8
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