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Agilite® SAPI Hydration Bladder

€ 61,5
Product code: 8080-SMOKE
Warranty length: 2 years
Description and parametersProduct inquiry
Description and parameters

The SAPI hydration bladder from the Israeli company Agilite is the first SAPI shaped tactical hydration pack designed specifically for use with plate carriers. In particular, this variant is intended for integration on the back panel of the Agilite Micro MAP.

Super volume

This tactical hydration pack offers a premium volume of 3 liters, which is the ideal size for all-day hydration even in warm climates. Although it holds a full 3 liters of water, the Agilite SAPI Hydration pack maintains a low profile and zero added bulk.

Highly resistant design

The Agilite SAPI hydration pack is very durable - it was designed for a lifetime of use in demanding conditions. In addition, this bag is 100% BPA and PVC Free, which means it does not contain the harmful substances bisphenol A and polyvinyl chloride.

For freezing and hot water

The SAPI hydration pack can handle even extreme temperatures. On the one hand, it is possible to freeze it (and its contents), on the other hand, you can also pour warm water into it, up to a temperature of 60 °C. The bag is compatible with inline filtration. It can be turned inside out and has an antimicrobial treatment, both of which help prevent bacteria and mold.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • hydration pack optimized for plate carriers
  • for Micro MAP rear panel
  • above-standard volume of 3 liters
  • SAPI shape
  • low profile design with zero added bulk
  • 100% BPA and PVC Free (does not contain bisphenol A and PVC)
  • high resistance
  • designed for a lifetime of use in demanding conditions
  • you can freeze it and pour warm water up to 60 °C
  • reversible + antimicrobial treatment (bacteria and mold prevention)
  • compatible with inline filtration
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Buy Agilite® SAPI Hydration Bladder at a special price € 61,5
Important parameters
Height (cm)
30,5 cm
Width / diameter (cm)
25,4 cm
3 l
Other specifications
Shape of SAPI ballistic plates - specially designed for plate carriers
Can be frozen
Can be filled with warm water (temperature up to 60 °C)
Allows you to fill the whole 3 l and still has a low profile and zero added volume
Can be turned inside out for easy cleaning
Antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria and fungi
BPA free
PVC free

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Do you like the product?
Buy Agilite® SAPI Hydration Bladder at a special price € 61,5

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